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About Kite Surf Experience - Get the low down, who we are, and what we do.


Kite Surf Experience was born through a visionary experience one sunny day whilst at Cocoa Beach in Florida, United States. The aim of the business was to offer "lifestyle, interest and Kite Surf Experiences" worldwide to enthusiasts and busy professionals. Every year since the company started we have developed new and exciting experiences and are one of the market leaders in a number of sectors. Simply put Kite Surf Experience offers extremely powerful and lifestyle Kite Surf Experiences which and we have developed a position of quality from start to finish.

The company aims to maximize itself however and tries to have a clear understanding what the customer wants. Kite Surf Experience web site has been at the fore front of the company leisure experience products and this will continue. People can book a whole host of options now directly online and from the ease of their home. 


So Why Choose Kite Surf Experience?

We are professionals who care. We know the ins and outs of every experiences and so are able to bring an insight that few companies can attempt to match. We are not offering you a run of the mill holiday or an independent holiday we are offering you the best lifestyle, interest and experiences in the world today. Experience travel is about getting all the details right, starting with the Lifestyle, Interest and Experience itself and who better to help you to do that than the world's leading Lifestyle, Interest and Experience company. We spend days searching for new and better ways to understand a new Lifestyle, Interest and Experience - from researching the best local bars and restaurants to directing you to the best local experiences to enjoy whilst away. Alongside with all this extensive insight comes customer service online, like never before. We are obsessive about attention to details. Why not explore our web site and find out what we're all about, why everyone is saying Kite Surf Experience is the best for boarding experiences, we have something for all of you.

Go on, try us out and see for yourself.  


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